世界排名 全球已建成第座150米(或更高)建筑中排名第318
地区排名 欧洲 已建成第座150米(或更高)建筑中排名第35
国内排名 意大利已建成第座150米(或更高)建筑中排名第3


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IUAV International Tall Buildings Conference 2017
2017/06/07 – 活动 Invite

CTBUH Board of Trustees Gather in Venice for March Retreat
2016/03/11 – 活动 Report

First CTBUH "Tall Timber Buildings" Working Group Meeting
2014/11/25 – 活动 Report



CTBUH Board of Trustees Gather in Venice for March Retreat
2016/03/11, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
The CTBUH Board of Trustees held its first meeting of the year, reviewing 2015 accomplishments, 2016 plans, the upcoming China Conference, and more.
First CTBUH "Tall Timber Buildings" Working Group Meeting
2014/11/25, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
The first meeting of the CTBUH "Tall Timber Buildings" Working Group was held in the CTBUH Research Office at University Iuav of Venice.
CTBUH Co-Hosts Iuav International Tall Buildings Conference
2014/11/21, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
The 5th Iuav International Conference on Tall Buildings was held in Venice, organized by Elena Giacomello and Dario Trabucco of CTBUH.
VAA International Student Workshop & Competition
2014/07/07-18, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
Palazzo Giustinian Lollin, near the Accademia Bridge across the Venice Grand Canal, was the venue of the fourth Venice Tall Building Workshop “The Towers of Venice.”
New Research Office at IUAV
2014/03, 威尼斯 – CTBUH 新闻
The CTBUH has established a physical CTBUH Research Office within the Università Iuav di Venezia to lead the Research Division.
Venice Workshop Explores "Tall on the Water"
2012/07/03-13, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
More than 50 students from eight countries participated this month in the IUAV University of Venice's second annual Venice Tall Building Workshop, Tall on the Water.
The Tall Stones of Venice
2011/07/11-29, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
The Venice Architectural Association, and the Council launched an International Student Workshop & Competition for the high-rise redevelopment of a derelict industrial zone.
CTBUH Research Meeting, Venice
2010/06/17-18, 威尼斯 – 活动 报
The inaugural meeting of its Research, Academic & Postgraduate Working Group attracted much attention from both academia and industry.


Horizontal – Vertical, Defining the Ground
2015/10 – The Middle East: A Selection of Written Works on Iconic Towers and Global Place-Making