人口 2,195,914 (2014) 源: US Census
面积 628 km² • 242 mi² 源: US Census
150米以上高度的建筑 37 已竣工2 在建中
300米以上高度的建筑 2 已竣工
最高建筑 JPMorgan Chase Tower (305 m)
世界排名 全球已建成第座150米(或更高)建筑中排名第32
地区排名 北美 已建成第座150米(或更高)建筑中排名第5
国内排名 USA已建成第座150米(或更高)建筑中排名第4
首座150米以上高度建筑 El Paso Energy Building (1962)
平均建筑年龄 31 年
最常用功能 办公, 82%
最常用材料 钢筋, 48%


建筑 查看该城市的所有建筑

1   大通大厦 1982 305 m
2   休斯敦富国銀行广場 1983 302 m
3   Williams Tower 1982 275 m
4   Bank of America Center 1983 238 m
5   Heritage Plaza 1987 232 m
6   Enterprise Plaza 1980 230 m
7   609 Main at Texas 2017 230 m
8   Centerpoint Energy Plaza 1996 226 m
9   1600 Smith Street 1984 223 m
10   Fulbright Tower 1982 221 m
  已竣工   已封顶   结构封顶   在建中
1   大通大厦 1982 305 m
2   休斯敦富国銀行广場 1983 302 m
3   Williams Tower 1982 275 m
4   1600 Louisiana - 262 m
5   Bank of America Center 1983 238 m
6   Heritage Plaza 1987 232 m
7   Enterprise Plaza 1980 230 m
8   609 Main at Texas 2017 230 m
9   Centerpoint Energy Plaza 1996 226 m
10   1600 Smith Street 1984 223 m

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BG Group Place Chosen as Featured Building
2013/03 – 高层建筑特别报道


2018/07/18 – 一开发商准备在波士顿建造一办公大楼,它将占据5层楼和14400平方米的空间。该建筑拥有三个都市花园、…

休斯敦市郊 5亿美元混合使用高层方案
2018/06/05 – 一111484平方米的混合使用项目预计于2019年在休斯顿市郊地区动工。…

2018/01/10 – 休斯顿美国银行中心的业主已聘请一家建筑事务所进行一项耗资1500万美元的更新,…



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News Image
休斯敦市郊 5亿美元混合使用高层方案
News Image
News Image
休斯敦Hanover River Oaks大厦动工
Hanover River Oaks大厦是一栋豪华高层公寓,该建筑于2017年12月在Upper Kirby区破土动工。这栋39层高的住宅将包含370间公寓、929平方米的底层商业空间及一家24小时开放的健身俱乐部…
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Hotel Alessandra to Boast a Top-Floor Lobby
Developer Midway Companies and architect Gensler revealed designs for the Hotel Alessandra in downtown Houston. Though not especially tall, the hotel will revel in its 25…
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Downtown Tower Gets Green Light
Houston’s planned 34-story Capitol Tower is their first to receive LEED V4 Platinum pre-certification, the newest version of green building standards from the US Green…
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Chevron Tower On Hold
Just a few months after announcing plans to build a 50-story tower in downtown Houston and build an “urban campus” for its growing workforce, energy company Chevron has…
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Ashby Project Goes to Court
A Houston jury has awarded $1.7 million to 20 households that filed suit against the developers of the proposed Ashby high-rise, but they can only collect if the tower is…
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Marathon Oil Tower Sells
Connecticut-based Hanover Real Estate Partners sold its 41-story Marathon Oil Tower to a real estate fund affiliated with Los Angeles-based CBRE Global Investors. The new…
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Art-Deco Skyscraper Sells in Houston
One of Houston's oldest and most historic downtown buildings had been sold to The Lionstone Group. The Houston-based real estate investment firm bought 712 Main Street, a…
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BHP Billiton Constructing Its Newest Office Tower
Developers have broken ground on what will be a 30-story office tower in Houston's Uptown neighborhood. The property will house employees of BHP Billiton when it's…
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Buzz About Heritage Plaza Sale
A Brookfield Office Properties partnership in Houston is putting its 53-story Heritage Plaza skyscraper up for sale. The price for the building, which once housed the…
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Aqua Doppel-Gang-er Sprouting in Houston
PM Realty has started construction in Houston on a 40-story high-rise which is drawing criticism due to its close resemblance to Studio Gang's famed Aqua Tower in Chicago…
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Tema to Build Helical Hermann Place Tower
Houston-based Tema Development has unveiled plans for a new, helical residential tower near the city's Hermann Park. The Tower at Hermann Place, which will house 550…
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New High-rise Condo Project Planned in Houston
A new high-rise luxury condominium project is planned for a prime location in uptown Houston, the developer announced this week. The 26-story Belfiore tower will feature…
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Houston Contractor Drops Ashby Project
The Houston construction company behind the apartment tower commonly known as the Ashby high-rise has abandoned the controversial project. Linbeck Group said it withdrew…
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SkyHouse Houston Breaks Ground
A group of developers from around the country, taking advantage of Houston's recently launched downtown residential incentive program, have begun construction on a 24-…
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Iconic Williams Tower Sells for Record Price
The Hines Real Estate Investment Trust has closed the sale of the iconic 64-story Williams Tower of Houston to a fund managed by Invesco Real Estate. The tower, which has…


Challenges and Opportunities in Vertical Healthcare Design
2016/04 – CTBUH Journal, 2016 Issue II